2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket
2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket
2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket
2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket

2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket

2SLGBTQQIA Jingle Jacket, fabric and metal cones, 2020.

Our jacket is a long sleeve, zip up, loose fit bomber, with the red cones set along the back and arms of the jacket.

A reimagination of the traditional jingle dress regalia, our Jingle Jacket is to increase awareness of the 2-Spirit individuals who we have lost in addition to the indigenous women and girls. 

Images shot by Red Works Photography, modelled by Dene/Metis 2-spirit artist, writer, speaker, and co-founder of We Matter Campaign, Tunchai Redvers.

Anishinaabe Bimishimo Corp. makes jingle cones. Today they launch their Red Jingles in honour of MMIWG. We were one of 4 Canadian dressmakers and 4 American dressmakers they approached and donated red jingles to us and asked to use these jingles in a contemporary way to help bring awareness to this cause.

This jacket is for sale right now for $1300 and we will be donating a portion of those proceeds to an organization in our area. We choose We Matter @wematterorg, an inidgenous-led and youth-centered organization and registered charity dedicated to indigenous youth support, hope and life promotion. Their mission is to communicate to Indigenous youth that they matter, and create spaces for support for those going through hard times while fostering unity and resiliency. 


This jacket fits up to a 2X.


Image Credits:

Red Works Photography

Hair/Makeup: Michelle Silverstein

Model: Tunchai Redvers

Stylist: Scott Wabano

Assistant: Miranda Karmis