ROBUST 2019 Collection is a diffusion line from our main eveningwear brand. The focus is on body positivity and mental health awareness through the lens of  athleisurewear and festivalwear. We are looking for fun and alternative ways to share the ethos of the collection, besides a traditional runway show style. The prints we are using this season are visuals of photography of cannabis crystals printed onto the material, our way of highlighting the use of cannabis for mental health for some individuals, but mostly the focus on ways to better your mental health.

ROBUST includes soft, warm, and comfortable materials that are manufactured with environmental sustainability in mind. 

The pieces includes features like compression fit, designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow. Compression is a sensory trigger for comfort and can significantly help reduce anxiety in people with autism, ADHD, PTSD, and nervous disorders as well as having physical benefits. We feature body-kind loose fitting and/or weighted materials designed with soft textures that can create a sense of safety and calmness for people affected by various mental health issues.  


$5 from each item purchased during the Launch month of #Robust19 will be donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.